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Example Firework Show using Black Bull Fireworks Products!

This is a small sampling of our product line in this category. Please visit our locations in person to view our complete product line, especially during the 4th of July season, as we are extremely busy and cannot check stock or prices. Also please note that all locations do not carry the same products.

Featured brands include Red Rhino Fireworks, Brothers Pyrotechnics, Winda Fireworks and Black Cat Fireworks.


Evil Priest

Huge performance that lasts over a minute and a half. Huge attention grabber! Video

Men of Honor

This captivating fountain includes brilliant chrysanthemum, crackling, pine needles, rain, spider, stars and whistling. Video

Iron Maiden

The Iron Maiden fountain boasts plenty of variety with its ever-changing effects from iron flower to gold chrysanthemum; iron flower to titanium flower and blue spark; iron flower to gold chrysanthemum and blue spark; iron flower to titanium flower and yellow spark; iron flower to gold chrysanthemum and lemon; and a grand finale of iron flower to laser. Video


The long-lasting Energizer will really amp you up with 10 different effects including red stars and silver chrysanthemums; green stars and gold chrysanthemums; lemon sparks with crackling sparks; purple stars with gold chrysanthemums; red chrysanthemums with blue sparks; lemon sparks with silver sparks and crackling flowers; red, green, purple and lemon sparks with silver chrysanthemums; red and green stars with gold sparks and chrysanthemums; red and lemon stars with silver crackling sparks; and a spectacular finish with red, green, blue and lemon sparks with silver sparks and crackling flowers. Video

Tropical Thunder

Tropical Thunder is a fan favorite! Effects include red titanium spring with crackling flower; gold pine with white fir flower; red titanium spring with chrysanthemum titanium crackling sparks; chrysanthemum titanium crackling sparks with red sparks; and green, yellow and blue sparks. Video

Big City Lights

Big City Lights will dazzle you by starting off with a meteor shower with red glitter followed by a silver spring flower and green; golden spider and red; spider silk red, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange; and finishing with a white cedar flower and red glitter. Video

Wild Card

This colorful 500G fountain will deal you a winner! Effects include red sparks and white chrysanthemum; blue sparks and gold chrysanthemum; green sparks and white chrysanthemum with silver crackle; yellow sparks with white fir flower; green sparks and snow pine; red & green spark and sparkle crackle; and for the finale, green sparks and big plum flower, red and green sparks with crackle. Video


This Mammoth of a fountain thunders in with red and green chrysanthemums, transitions to a color torch then to a color fish and ends with a crackle king finish. Video

Enormous Eruption
Navy Seals

This bold 500G fountain storms the beach with a red fish silver pine; red green stars with ping pong chrysanthemum; blue pistil gold titanium; red green-blue stars with dragon chrysanthemum.Video

Neon Lights

This dazzling 500G fountain boasts amazing neon effects including red titanium spring to snow pine with red sparks and blue sparks; purple titanium spring to white flower with purple and green sparks; and a finale with green titanium spring to white fir flower with purple and green sparks.Video


Nightmare is a 500G fountain with hauntingly impressive effects that include silver crackle and red sparkler; green sparkler; white chrysanthemum; dragon chrysanthemum; and finishing off with a long crackle ball.Video


Scarface is an eye-catching 500G fountain that will impress you with a nice variety of effects including red winter-sweet, green winter-sweet; white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; red rice flower; silver rice flower; long crackle, blue sparkler; whistle; dragon chrysanthemum, red sparkler. Video

One Bad Granny

One Bad Granny is a long duration 500G fountain. Effects begin with a vibrant color fish with gold and silver willows followed by a loud crackle finale. Video


Psychedelic is a colorful 500G fountain that lasts just over two minutes. Effects include chrysanthemum, crackling and dragon balls. Video


Coliseum is a crowd-pleasing 500G fountain with a variety of eye-catching effects including red and green chrysanthemum, green pearl and crackling chrysanthemum; purple and green flowers, blue pearls and crackling flowers; red and green pearls with crackling; and a finale of red and lemon pearls with crackling flowers. Video

One Unbelievable Fountain

This is truly One Unbelievable Fountain! Silver showers, a rainbow of stars and a great crackling finale make this 500G fountain a must-have - it's everything you could want in a large fountain! Video


The Reaper's wide variety of captivating effects include red fountain, red fish; red sparkler; green sparkler; yellow sparkler; glitter chrysanthemum; red glitter sparkler; golden chrysanthemum; and crackle butterfly. Video

Rhythm & Blues

This is a truly patriotic 500G fountain! Rhythm & Blues alternates with colorful stars; gold pine needles; crackling; whistling; huge chrysanthemums; colored flowers; green, red, gold and blue pearls; and a finale of amazing crackles. This is a huge fountain with a huge show! Video

One Final Shot

This is a high power fountain that reaches heights of 20 - 30 feet with multiple types of crackle effects from quiet to extra loud with blue, golden, red and green stars. The finale is a massive crackle mine launch - the One Final Shot. Video

Be Happy

Don't Worry when you put Be Happy in your display! Shoot sparks of various colors and intensity into the air with this fountain that explodes into shades of red, green, gold, yellow, purple, blue and orange. This beauty is sure to entertain any crowd! Video

Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice is a long-duration 500G fountain that begins with a bright multi-color fish transitions to spiders and a has colorful finale. Video

Viking Queen

Viking Queen packs a variety of effects into a crowd-pleasing show. Effects include titanium flower with blue pistil; purple, blue and lemon with pine needles; plum blossom with green and purple; gold silk chrysanthemum with red, green, blue and purple; large white chrysanthemum with green and purple; snow sea chrysanthemum with blue; and a grand finale with a long crackle ball with red and green. Video

American Maiden

Celebrate in style with American Maiden. Effects include fan with silver waterfall; fan with red, white and blue lava beads; fan with white glitter, strobe, crackle and red lava beads; fan with silver willow and red, blue and golden lava beads; finale of fan with silver and loud crackle with red and blue stars. Video

Summer Rain

Summer Rain is a 500G fountain that is sure to please with its shower of beautiful effects including silver rain; silver willow and red glitter; gold willow, lemon spark an blue spark; iron flower, golden spider and lemon with blue spark. Video

Barrel Blast

You thought you had seen it all? Now you can see everything in one fountain! New, extra brilliant effects! Video

Brave Eagle

A patriotic fountain with a unique shape! One of our favorite new fountains for 2022! Video

Dragon Throne

Breathtaking panoramic eruption of gold lava effects, pixie dust tails, melting iron flowers, swimming snakes and a huge full-scale silver finale -- a persistent panoramic performance! Video

Call Me

Red wintersweet, green wintersweet; white chrysanthemum, green sparkler; red rice flower, silver rice flower; whistle; dragon chrysanthemum, red sparkler. Video

Movie Night

Popcorn bucket theme with red fountain and silver crackle with red and green. Video

Foreign Policy Maker

This bullet has your name on it. Comes in gold or silver bullet shapes. Looks great on the shelf and sure to one of the most talked about fountains in your lineup. Performance includes lots of silver glitters, gold stars with silver chrysanthemum and flowers, ends with a sharp whistle finale. Lasts for 110 seconds. Video

Wicked Jester

Unique color torch on the sides, with red rain and big crackle finish. Video

Worlds Strongest Fountain

One of our most popular larger fountains, World's Strongest starts slow with red stars and chrysanthemums, blue stars and chrysanthemums, green stars and white flowers , with a jaw dropping silver star and jumbo silver crackling finale. Video

Koi Pond

This fish out of water is bound to impress. Starting with a silver fountain spraying out of its mouth! Including color fishes, silk chrysanthemums, laser, and a tri-explosion finale with lots of colors! Video

Say Cheese

A lovely camera fountain emits green and purple fishes among silver showers, and golden/ silver chrysanthemum. It ends with camera flashes! Video

Snow Cone

Don't lick this snow cone while the multi-stage titanium fountain delights with multi-colored fish, powerful spring flowers and blue/red/green pearls! Video

The Kid
Neon Lava

Red & blue fish, red spring, green & purple fish, purple spring, yellow & green fish, green spring, blue with silver & gold. Video


Color fish silver pine needles; red green white stars to red and silver crackle; blue stars with gold silk chrysanthemum to blue stars and sizzling crackle; red and green time rain. Video

Black Cat Medusa

Effects: Red titanium rain then red spark with white chrysanthemum, Blue flame iron flower then red titanium rain then red, Green and Blue spark & sparkle. Video

Frosty Mug of Beer

A beer lover's delight! The beer mug shape makes this fountain manly for any man. Grab onto the gusto and enjoy! Performance includes silver pine needle with gold, yellow, red, green and crackling chrysanthemum followed by loud whistling with crackle. Video


Silver fountain with color strobe to color stars with green crackle ending with a huge crackle flower and red strobe. Video

Pika Fountain

Pika fountain Is a nice spinning fountain with loud crackle that last's a minute long! Video

Spider Mania

Effects: Red fountain, Silver chrysanthemum, Green fountain, Crackling chrysanthemum, Gold fountain and Spider crackling. Video

Pink Lightning
Black Cat Assorted 9 inch Fountains

This color-themed quartet delivers a great performance with lots of crackles and glittering effects from the likes of Blue Ice; Green Garden; Gold & Silver Treasure and, Peach Tree. Effects: Blue Ice – Blue sparks with gold glitter & crackles, Green Garden – Green sparks & crackles, Gold & Silver Treasures – Gold glitter with white chrsanthemums and Peach Tree – Red sparks with white glitter. Video

Fire Hydrant

Effects: Red flames with silver tips shoot from the side, Green pearls with sparks and green pearl with crackle blast from the top. Video

Opera Face

A: Laser crackle w/ purple and green, white cherry flower w/ color tadpoles, whistle, 3-stage gold fountain, melting iron flowers, finale of Ti crackles w/ green orange, flash! B: Silver and gold chrys. w/ green, purple and blue, white cherry flower w/ color tadpoles, whistle, finale of laser crackle w/ colors, flash! Video

Frog Prince

Frog Prince is a favorite for kids and and adults alike! The face-shaped fountain lights up through the eyes and mouth as sparks fly from the top. Total duration is about 40 seconds and includes lots of color and loud titanium-crackle! Video